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Customer service outsourcing in the Healthcare Industry


The pandemic crisis has provided for an increased need for medical care across the globe. Changing consumer preferences increased requests, and telecare popularity — the drivers for customer experience enhancement. Unfortunately, many providers with in-house call centers oftentimes fail to monitor calls or evaluate the key customer experience metrics, which provides for client and revenue loss. Many healthcare organizations have turned to outsource customer service in order to increase customer satisfaction, be able to process more queries, as well as, focus on the core — providing medical help.

Signs for Call Center Outsourcing

Many if not most of the healthcare premises have experienced an overload with calls and requests, especially in today’s days. Providing an outstanding customer experience is, therefore, harder than ever before. Oftentimes the results are customer dissatisfaction and employee frustration. These are the signs outsourcing is a great option:

  • Your patients are dissatisfied. Increasing patient complaints are the alarm for a change.
  • High staff turnover. Many healthcare organizations employ people that do not have the right skills and experience within customer service. This, in turn, results in people leaving for better pay or simply cannot handle the patients in the right way.
  • Lack of ongoing training. Employees will be simply unprepared to deliver customer service, which as a result will bring customer dissatisfaction and frustration.
  • Not meeting the criteria of a medical call center. If over 5% of patients hang up before getting help, hold time exceeds 1 minute, or call routing accuracy is below 99%, your call center is either understaffed or requires additional training.

Healthcare customer support outsourcing: Helpware approach

Helpware is a BPO company providing services within customer service, back-office support, marketing, and video & image annotation. With years of experience, the company has served a great number of medical centers and helped them to improve key metrics, such as customer satisfaction, average hold and resolution time, as well as, customer retention rates. With every client, Helpware pursues a personalized approach to understand and address the goals and needs. The company is able to find the industry’s best professionals, with all the required skills, and provide them with in-depth training on all the medical aspects and customer service delivery. Whether you require a small team of agents, urgent expansion of your team, additional training, or any other need — Helpware will guide, manage and address any of your requests in a timely and efficient manner.

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