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CRM Systems: Why Your Company Needs to Adopt CRM Software


When a company is just a small startup, it’s easy to handle customers while focusing on expanding business operations. However, the more your organization grows in consumers and employees, the more difficult it becomes to manage it all by yourself.

Dealing with so much information can become overwhelming, not to mention risky in the long run. The business might start to leak revenue due to poor customer service, wrong marketing message, and other troubling aspects first-time business owners sometimes fail to foresee.

However, there is a simple solution to help you navigate the turbulent waters of business development early on. The key to success lays in the valuable CRM software whose potent features work to bring order and simplicity, while spreading positive corporate awareness.

What is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a system that various organizations use to track, record, and organize customer information, as well as to improve overall productivity within the company.

In fact, 74% of CRM users reported improved access to customer data, while 65% of businesses incorporate the CRM system within the first five years of operation.

So what is so special about it? CRM constantly continues to evolve while aligning multiple business processes on a single platform. Apart from recording and storing all crucial and personal customer information (their entire interactions history, phones, addresses, emails, etc.) collected from social media and other open sources, CRM keeps info safe in one centralized database.

Some of the best CRM solutions on the market can open the doors to untapped opportunities with features such as:

  • A 360-degree customer view of the customers and leads.
  • Business process management.
  • Tools for managing leads and turning them into loyal consumers.
  • Opportunity management tool for recognizing opportunities by tracking, automating, measuring, and forcing sales.
  • Case management and collaboration tools for improved coordination, evaluation, planning, and execution of company’s goals.
  • Analytics and reports to help measure employee performance, the company’s performance on the market, and generate accurate real-time data.
  • Mobile CRM closes sales on the go by enhancing the workflow.
  • Social media management and email tracking for personalized target marketing.

How Can Your Business Prosper with a CRM System?

The main focus of CRM software is to nurture relationship an establishment creates with customers. But look at the bigger picture because every business depends on clients for becoming a strong influence on the market. So, if you are wondering about CRM benefits, remember that CRM system implementation increases sales by 29%.

Furthermore, with CRM by your side, you can take advantage of:

  • Full and easy integration. CRM system is quite easy to work with, as the software itself works well with other technology and applications a company already uses. It’s easily integrated for providing better support and documentation flow.
  • Analytics. With CRM, the risks of making a mistake are diminished, since the system accurately analyzes patterns and big data via advanced analytics. This is a great tool that has the power to navigate and shape smarter strategies.
  • Scalability. As the operational processes expand, so does the management of complex reporting. CRM software enables precise management of data and advertising campaigns at all times no matter the size of a business.
  • Mobile CRM support. According to the Nucleus Research, mobile CRM increases the productivity of the sales department by 14.6%. Plus, the numbers raise up to more than 20% for every third out of ten CRM users.

In conclusion, CRM is here to stay. The software is easy to use, improves productivity by 50%, lowers the costs by 40%, and help managers achieve a 65% increase in sales quotas. After all, the customers prefer brands that offer them something of value. Therefore, CRM can be a very valuable asset to any company in need of a high quality, yet affordable business solution. And the best part is that CRM software is available for a free trial.

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