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Commercial Premises Security Solutions


The rising crime rates do nothing to give the business owner peace of mind, and with the current trend for targeting businesses as opposed to domestic properties, one really needs to have top notch security. One of the most popular solutions is automated roller shutter doors, which are not only a barrier, they also look nice, and with bespoke creations, you can enhance the look of your retail outlet. There are, of course, other ways to protect your business, with video surveillance and motion sensor alarms, but for cost effectiveness, customised roller shutters are more than adequate to prevent a forced entry.

Smooth Running and Reliable

Alarm systems are known to have glitches, and waking up the neighbourhood in the middle of the night because of a stray cat is hardly likely to gain you any popularity points, and CCTV will only record the events that unfold, whereas bespoke roller shutter doors address the issue by creating an impenetrable layer. Admittedly, earlier versions of roller shutter doors could become stiff and difficult to operate, yet modern units have the running mechanism enclosed, and motorised units make for easy operation.

Cost Effective Security

While you can spend a lot of money to protect the perimeter, the interior needs to be impenetrable and roller shutter doors offer a cost effective way to ensure that the building is secure at all times. It literally is a case of fit and forget and with bespoke creations, you are sure of a perfect fit. Most established suppliers would offer a comprehensive warranty on all their products, and if the suppliers actually manufactures, then prices will be even lower, as there is no middleman.


The harsh British climate demands durability, and powder coated aluminium can stand the test of time, and with a range of power coated colour finishes, you can also brighten your shop front up a little at the same time. As the units are made to measure, it matters not what type of aperture, and with the tracking mechanism enclosed, there is little exposed to the elements. Extreme temperatures do not affect aluminium, which is perfect for the inclement UK climate, and the slats are joined in such a way that there is little that could malfunction.

Easy Operation

Even a small roller shutter door can be a challenge to open for some people, but with a motorised unit, smooth operation is assured. Older units might have been rather noisy when raising or lowering but the modern roller shutter doors are quiet and with a smooth running mechanism, they require very little effort to operate.

There are companies who will fabricate the unit to fit perfectly, and with their expertise, you can be sure of a first class installation. An online search is the best way to source an established supplier, and with very affordable prices for top quality units, your business will always be secure.

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