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Characteristics of large, modern cities


In large, modern cities you can count on many different characteristics that smaller towns and cities don’t have. These are the reasons that large, modern cities often feel like some kind of different planet. Can you guess what they are? We’ve listed a few of them below, so be sure to take a look right away!

Smart waste management

Large and modern cities usually have their things sorted when it comes to managing waste. This means that you will rarely see full bins or large amounts of trash on the street. They usually do this through what we call smart waste management. What is a smart waste management then? It means that there’s special technology to optimize the route of the trash collectors and ensure the bins are never overflowing with trash. This keeps the streets clean!

Tall buildings

This one you might’ve guessed already. Large and modern cities are usually full of big and tall buildings! These buildings together create amazing skylines, such as the skyline of New York or Hong Kong, to name a few special ones. To create an actually impressive skyline, you need an equally impressive amount of incredible height. This is why only the largest and most modern cities have those extremely picturesque skylines, while lots of others look slightly less impressive.

Good infrastructure

To make sure all of the inhabitants of a large city can get from A to B, or home and work to be precise, good infrastructure is crucial. Often, the road and public transport systems work together to accommodate all of the commuting residents. This way, everybody can make it to their destinations when they need to.


We’ve given this one away for a bit already, but obviously large and modern cities have lots of inhabitants. Usually, they’re from all over the world. This is where the term melting pot comes from to describe cities like New York. There are so many different cultures and nationalities in a small area, that they start to blend together and create a unified whole. Hence, the melting pot.

Always active

Another characteristic of large and modern cities is that they’re always active. You will find people and activities every single hour of the day, whether that is at noon or at midnight does not matter. This includes shopping malls, bars and restaurants and of course the clubs and dancing establishments!

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