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Bond with Your Colleagues by Getting Creative on the Canvas


If your company has allowed you to organize a team-building event, then this is a good option to go creative. 

Indulge in Art Attack Activities

You can book for corporate packages with any paint studios. Each painting class will have professionals to take you through a step by step painting process. 

When it comes to painting, it opens a whole new world of opportunities to get creative. Some ideas that are sure to thrill your peers would be:

  • Plan on a theme and create masterpieces surrounding the theme. The most innovative painting gets a prize
  • If you want to make it more challenging, you can ask teams to pick a word and create an image that best describes the word
  • You can even opt for making murals related to your company logo or image
  • You can even paint comic portraits of your team members and take them back as mementoes

Break the Ice with Competitions

If you are looking for short games that will keep your employees engaged and will bring out their problem-solving skills to a test, then you can opt for food truck business competitions, wherein you divide the team into groups and ask them to sell their wares. If you want to plan eco-friendly activities, you can ask your team to create a terrarium with succulent plants that are easy to maintain. 

You need not limit yourself to only team-building activities. These ideas can be well implemented for birthday parties. If you have a teenager whose birthday is just around the corner, you can arrange for a tween birthday party in Seattle. If your kid loves painting you can have the party at paint studios like Uncorked Canvas, located in Seattle, Washington that offers painting events for their customers. You can check their websites for their events calendar and then book a private event as per your requirement. 

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Painting gives everyone peace. It is a great way to bond and make new friends.

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