How to Examine Whether a Mutual Fund is Right for You

If you are an experienced shareholder, you must be aware of the fact that mutual funds have managed to gain a great grip in the last few years. The latest reports say that India’s Mutual Fund industry has witnessed a growth of 14.22 trillion on April 30 to ₹32.38 trillion on April 2021. Experts suggest that the number will only tend to rise. 

Irrespective of the beneficial nature of MFs, it is important to know how you should invest in the right fund. This post talks about the parameters that show how you can analyze a mutual fund whether it is right for you. 

  • Expense Ratio 

The expense ratio is the fraction of the entire property that any MF charges to an investor every year to manage the wealth. The expenses of mutual funds usually fall into five different categories, and they are – 

  • Security transaction fees
  • Distribution charges
  • Investor transaction fees
  • Fund service charges
  • Management fee

The expense ratio mainly shrinks the profits to the shareholder, and thus, one should always consider the finances with a lesser expense ratio. It is good for the investors to evaluate the expense ratio of different finances prior to putting money in it. And experts also recommend that fund with the minimum expense ratio is always preferred. 

  • Risk Level

Determining the level of risk for a mutual fund is as significant as looking for returns. When it comes to mutual funds, returns and risks are the two sides of the same coin. There is one very vital motive that shows why every scheme reveals risk level. 

It is because the investor gets aware of how much menace the specific investment involves. If you consider yourself as an investor with a low or moderately low-risk appetite, you must stay away from funds with high risk. 

  • Fund Manager

The overall performance and the history of the fund manager are also very crucial. It is important for the investor to look at the experience of the fund manager as well as other schemes that the fund manager is currently managing. This helps increase confidence and credibility and makes you feel assured that the money is in safe hands. Though, the reputation and the detailed account of the fund house, where the schemes belong, should also be considered. 

  • Portfolio Turnover Ratio

Portfolio Turnover Ratio suggests how often the fund manager purchases or sells the securities from the scheme. It is important for the investor because the higher the portfolio turnover ratio of a fund, the higher the trade and selling of the security. This will help in attracting maximum operation fees as brokerages as well as other fees involved. The portfolio turnover ratio also minimizes the net returns from the savings. 

  • Exit Load

Exit load is the penalty charged by the mutual fund for leaving the scheme before the stipulated time frame. The exit load usually ranges between 0% (for the liquid funds) and 1% (till 1 year of holding the equity scheme).

 Investors should always invest in schemes that have a lower exit load. It is also important to note that the exit load will be charged based on the overall structure of the load applicable during investment but not at the time of redemption. 

Get in touch with a reliable service provider or an issuer to get the best rates for the mutual funds and make the most of the opportunities available to you in the future. Always be careful about the charges and other clauses available with the scheme before investing. This will help you to be on the safer side and will save from unwanted losses. 


Characteristics of large, modern cities

In large, modern cities you can count on many different characteristics that smaller towns and cities don’t have. These are the reasons that large, modern cities often feel like some kind of different planet. Can you guess what they are? We’ve listed a few of them below, so be sure to take a look right away!

Smart waste management

Large and modern cities usually have their things sorted when it comes to managing waste. This means that you will rarely see full bins or large amounts of trash on the street. They usually do this through what we call smart waste management. What is a smart waste management then? It means that there’s special technology to optimize the route of the trash collectors and ensure the bins are never overflowing with trash. This keeps the streets clean!

Tall buildings

This one you might’ve guessed already. Large and modern cities are usually full of big and tall buildings! These buildings together create amazing skylines, such as the skyline of New York or Hong Kong, to name a few special ones. To create an actually impressive skyline, you need an equally impressive amount of incredible height. This is why only the largest and most modern cities have those extremely picturesque skylines, while lots of others look slightly less impressive. 

Good infrastructure

To make sure all of the inhabitants of a large city can get from A to B, or home and work to be precise, good infrastructure is crucial. Often, the road and public transport systems work together to accommodate all of the commuting residents. This way, everybody can make it to their destinations when they need to. 


We’ve given this one away for a bit already, but obviously large and modern cities have lots of inhabitants. Usually, they’re from all over the world. This is where the term melting pot comes from to describe cities like New York. There are so many different cultures and nationalities in a small area, that they start to blend together and create a unified whole. Hence, the melting pot. 

Always active

Another characteristic of large and modern cities is that they’re always active. You will find people and activities every single hour of the day, whether that is at noon or at midnight does not matter. This includes shopping malls, bars and restaurants and of course the clubs and dancing establishments!



Happy clients are good for your business, it’s obvious. This is because these clients add to the positive rating of your business, help you engage more customers, and ultimately grow your business. Keep reading below to know in detail how happy customers are beneficial for your business. 

Advantages of happy clients

  • Happy customers will help you attract new business

Consumers nowadays sometimes read articles before making a purchase decision. According to Search Engine Land, 85 percent of customers like Larry Weltman Toronto

read up to 10 online reviews before deciding whether or not to trust a company. With figures like this, the last thing you want is for prospective buyers to come across bad feedback about your business. Do a consumer survey to find out what they like about you, and don’t be afraid to share their reviews. Allow your most satisfied customers to be your company’s biggest cheerleaders.

  • They will help you improve consumer confidence

Consumers value product descriptions provided by marketers less than the views of other consumers who have actually used the products, according to E-Marketer. While consumers like Larry Weltman Toronto are willing to buy products from companies they know and enjoy, they value the opinions of other consumers who have actually used the products. 

As a result, you should not only ensure that all of your clients are happy with your products, but you should also ask them to share their positive feedback. Often, make sure to highlight those views prominently on social media and on your website! You’ll gain more credibility and, as a bonus, your SEO rating will rise! We recommend reading about Maurice Pallone.

  • You will stand out

According to the Harvard Business Review, 84% of consumers say their requirements were not fulfilled during their most recent encounter with a firm. Of course, there is already a lot of space for change. Providing consumers with fun, informative, and easy-to-use customer service is a surefire way to set yourself apart from the competition. Customers would have no cause to lament or, worse, look for a better solution if you can have a reliable and appropriate service. There is still a viable alternative.

  • Sales revenue

Products that actively rely on customer loyalty provide stable sales income. They don’t neglect existing clients and have a consistent sales source from repeat customers. Customer loyalty and sales growth are inextricably linked. Customers who are happy with your brand are more likely to engage with it, buy from it often, and promote it to their coworkers, peers, and families. Conduct online consumer reviews to determine which places are adversely affecting customer loyalty and need to be improved. This will aid in increasing customer loyalty and decreasing turnover.


These were some great ways through which happy customers help your business. In case you want to grow your business and make it successful, it is recommended to focus on keeping your customers happy. For making your customers happy, treat them with love and care, provide the best and good-quality service, and always ask for their honest feedback.


Business Opportunities Created by Covid-19

A new way of living means different demands. Where should we be investing right now?

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc all over the industrial, retail, and hospitality sectors. With tourism all but gone, clothing stores missing out on a year of styles, and more than 10,000 inns, bars, and restaurants have fallen on hard times.

With so much uncertainty reaching into every industry, how can we go about moving on? For all those thousands of business owners who suddenly find themselves closing their doors, what comes next?

Where to Invest in 2021

Keeping all of this in the forefront of our minds, we set about to document what we ought to be doing as our next move. After all, not every business is doing poorly. Internet-based services are on the up. Video call and web hosting services are skyrocketing. The success of Zoom and similar cybersecurity-based video applications has been incomparable. While all of the hospitality is fighting to stay open – if you own a takeaway you are in the money. 

So, where do you invest? We’ll start with existing businesses and move on to new ventures momentarily.

For Existing Businesses

If you are one of the few businesses doing well in the pandemic and you would like to solidify this with an investment, you should be looking to your staff. If you can keep them working, busy, and happy, during all of this, then you might never need to replace them. 

To this end, we suggest existing businesses look at training programmes capable of helping them work from home. Firms like provide plenty of educational opportunities for your staff, most of which focus on self-management as we progress into WFH society. If this is the new normal, we might as well accept it.

If you have bricks and mortar premises, now is the time to hire in contractors (if they are working). A refurbishment might not be the easiest thing right now, but it is the best investment of all this closed-door time. When we do re-open again, we can at least give people something new to look forward to.

Which Business Ventures to Invest in Right Now?

If we can go back to the restaurant business first. Those who have been thinking of closing completely might alternatively move into takeaway food. The profits aren’t the same in terms of drinks, but you can whack extra on the food to make up the shortfall. Be prepared for a loss short term, but you should be able to revert to normal once all this is over, with the takeaway a lucrative aside.

Real Estate is another growth market. Thousands of families are trapped at home right now and looking for upgrades in space. If you do have to sell your business, put some of the profit into a long-term rental property that can top up your own income.

Eco-friendly, sustainable comfort – from clothing to bedding, furniture to greetings cards. Whatever you are thinking of manufacturing in 2021, it better be environmentally conscious, or you will lose out.

Technology is the way forward, just as it was before all of this. If you happen to be buying stocks and shares, tech is the one consistent sector that has steadied out, time and again, over the last few years.

Rounding up

Don’t stagnate during this time of solitude. You can still make a profit, even if you have to shift focus. It’s time to think outside the box and find ways to deliver goods and services in ways we never had before. If nothing else, the coronavirus has taught us how to stay on our toes.


5 Apartment Amenities That Make Life Better

Let’s face it; an apartment that is little more than a bed and a toilet isn’t a place that inspires happiness. You’ve likely lived in a place like that, or maybe that describes your current living arrangement. If it’s time for you to move on to a place that you’ll be happier to call home, here are some amenities to consider.

Experienced real estate developers like Steven Taylor Los Angeles know that these little extras that not all apartments provide are important to a tenant’s quality of living. It can be the difference between dreading returning home and being happy to collapse onto your bed for a great night’s sleep.


Scrubbing every dish by hand is a chore that is not only tedious but also time-consuming. Think of all the other things you could be doing while your dishwasher cleans your plates and cutlery for you: maybe enjoying an evening drink on your patio. 


Speaking of a patio: this little addition may seem unnecessary, and probably is if you are looking for bare-bones existence, but it’s hard to understate how nice it is to be able to step out onto your own little piece of the outside with your refrigerator close at hand. When redeveloping a property, Steven Taylor LA knows how important these simple extras can be.

 In-Unit Laundry

Lugging all your dirty clothes down to a shared laundry room can be a drag. You never know the state of disrepair it will be in. Is there pet hair all over the washer again? Are there even any machines available? Having laundry facilities in your unit is really a godsend.

 Secure Parking

Parking on the street is always stressful. There are so many things that could go wrong: everything from a new scratch on your paint job to, well, your car not being there anymore. You will, without a doubt, sleep better at night knowing your vehicle is safe inside a secured parking area.

 Recreational Areas

There are a number of great amenities that fall into this category and, depending on what your lifestyle is, they could really enhance your enjoyment of your living space. It could be a fitness center, barbecue area, swimming pool, or a clubhouse with a pool table. A playground or a dog run could be a huge bonus if you have kids or dogs.

If you are in the market to move from your less-than-ideal apartment into something that sparks a little more joy, keep some of these amenities in mind. You might want to add them to your “must-have” list.


CBD Business Opportunities In The US

The CBD market has grown majorly over a few years to a billion-dollar industry. Analysts have predicted that this industry will continue experiencing immense growth in the next two to three years. Many entrepreneurs have joined this industry to enjoy a piece of the cake, with BDS Analytics predicting that the CBD market will reach record sales of $20 billion in 2024. These numbers are humongous, but they may be achievable if the current situation is to go by.

Because of this continuous and significant growth, many people continue to join this market. Society has also become more receptive to CBD and therefore, there has been an increase in consumers. Subsequently, there is more room for business persons in this field, ranging from CBD wholesale distributors to marketers. If you live in the US and are looking to join this industry here are some current business opportunities. 

Becoming a CBD distributor

If you can swiftly turn over your inventory by directly supplying to retail stores, then you should consider becoming a distributor. Alternatively, you could start your distribution and wholesale company. As a wholesaler or distributor, you require a license. The mark up in wholesaling is set at about 20%-40%, making it a very profitable trade. To gain loyal clients, you need to sharpen your skills as a distributor. Establish effective communication lines with your manufacturers and establish good distribution deals. This way, you will efficiently deliver products to your clients.

CBD marketing

Another great opportunity in the CBD industry is dabbling in CBD marketing. It is an enjoyable way to learn about cannabidiol and diversify your income. There are various popular ways to market CBD, and these include becoming a CBD oil affiliate marketer, internet marketer, content marketer, and social media marketer. 

If you desire to attract a broad client base with marketing, there are various effective strategies that you could employ. They include exclusive counter offerings, making donations, and holding conferences and events. Some of the things you need to become a marketer are having a website, blog, and public relations, and it should not cost more than 5% of your sales.

Running a CBD podcast

Attracting leads and new audiences will become pretty easy once you begin sharing your opinion and others’ regarding different CBD industry matters on your podcast. It is an opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in the CBD industry. Running a podcast may help establish your credibility as a CBD private label over other sellers, thus giving you a competitive edge. Lastly, you can promote your products and services and complement your income through sponsorships and virtual summits.

 Starting a CBD courier business

If you want to work in the CBD industry while enjoying your freedom, why not start a courier business? Offering courier services will provide you with more flexible hours, and you will also enjoy the social aspect of it. You can choose to either have it as a sole proprietorship, limited or liability company or partnership. A courier business will also allow you to learn about new products in the market.

There are other business opportunities, such as beginning a CBD cooperative and selling CBD packaging products. Joining this industry will be beneficial to you, as you are bound to enjoy substantial profits. 


What Differentiates A Successful Leader From Others

Leaders shape our organizations. Their decisions and actions can leave a significant impact on the brand’s image. While it is easy to identify a bad leader, we often fail to recognize a successful one. 

Warren Buffet says that we often ignore a few significant traits that differentiate a successful leader from others. They aren’t leadership skills, management or marketing skills, logical thinking, risk tolerance etc.

Those traits are Generosity, Honesty, Integrity and Empathy, and Compassion.

While strength, smartness, and decisiveness are a necessity, so is empathy and consideration to others.

Here are these five traits that will make you a successful leader.


When you care about your people, they do more than expected. Successful leaders love their people for what they do. And, get admiration and respect from their team in return.

Focus on results but don’t bypass your employees’ wellbeing. Try to understand their personal and professional issues and respect their boundaries. Treat them as humans and not machines. Forgive them more and support them in fighting their battles.


True leaders give their employees more than they take from them. They value their employees’ whole being. 

Be generous to their emotional, physical, and even spiritual demands. Their mental health should be as important to you as their physical fitness. Be a guide and a friend to them. Help them learn from your experiences. The human-centered approach to leadership will give you great results. 

Learn from the journey of entrepreneurs like Shady Elhami and Stefan James.


Empathy is the most undervalued human trait in business management. Employees perform much better when they feel heard and understood by their bosses. Empathetic leaders invest in the individual contributors on the team and listen and act on employees’ needs.

Make it a 360 degrees feedback culture in your organization. Let your team member reach you without any hassle. Try to understand your employees when they fail and help them in improving their behavior and skills.

Element Chaufant Tempora and many other companies now practice a 360 degrees feedback system.


Trust is a two-way lane. Leaders want their employees to be honest all the time. But, successful leaders lead by example. They practice honesty and integrity and motivate their teams to practice the same.

Reward honesty every time, even when the situation is not in your favor. Be honest to your team members about yourself, your expectations, and your performance. And, be patient with them when they speak the truth. Clear and honest communication with your employees and feedback can help each of your team members to grow.


Successful leaders don’t do what is easy; they do what is right. And, they do it all the time. They act by what they preach and take accountability for a mistake or a failure. They don’t blame their people or make excuses.

Stand by your team in adverse times and share the burden of failures with them. Be their advocate and show them you care even when they are not around.


6 keeps for keeping your office space clean

As the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, hygiene and cleanliness are so important. As a small business owner, it’s important to take extra care and consideration during these tough times, not only to protect your employees but to give yourself peace of mind and ensure that your staff remains healthy at all times. Below, we’ve put together some handy tips for keeping your office space ship-shape and shiny – let us know what you think in the comments below.

Say no to food

One of the simplest changes you can make as a small business owner to protect your staff from harm is to ban food at their desks. It’s so tempting to eat your sandwich whilst you catch up on emails or watch a couple of YouTube videos, but it guarantees a messy and dirty workspace, with crumbs in the keyboard and the risk of liquids on devices. Ask the staff to take their lunch break outside or create a dedicated hub where they can relax and eat food.

Wipe, wipe, wipe it down

Maintaining a clean and healthy working environment helps to reduce the spread of germs which can lead to illness and disease. From the common cold to COVID-19, killing bacteria at the source is important. Invest in a good multi-purpose cleaner and wipe down surfaces every couple of days – better yet, hire a facilities management company who can provide a cleaning service, saving your staff time and ensuring your business remains fully compliant. 

Give people personal responsibility

Your staff should take personal responsibility for the areas in which they work and use. We aren’t saying that you need to give everyone a pair of gloves and a mop, but asking staff to keep on top of their rubbish and office space will ensure your premises always looks its best. If you’re struggling to get them to take it seriously, perform random spot checks – if someone has left their workspace messy or dirty, be sure to call them out; use them as an example.

Take out the trash

Make sure rubbish bins are emptied every evening – even if they’ve only got a banana peel inside. Review your current bin situation and decide whether you have too many or too few bins in your office. Ideally, your staff should use one central bin which can be maintained and emptied every day, rather than having their own bin where rubbish can fester and pollute the air. Recycling should be a priority, with staff encouraged to dispose of their waste properly.

Don’t forget about communal areas

Finally, make sure you’re reviewing communal areas on a daily basis, too. As well as offices and desks, look at your reception area, entranceway, and staff toilets. If you’re not able to hire a cleaner right now, give staff a rota and ask them to each take it in turns to clean the toilets and reception space. The more pride they have in their workplace, the better they’ll perform. After all – first impressions count, especially if you sometimes welcome guests.

Do you have any other tips? Let us know and check back to the blog regularly for more.


Factors to consider when choosing a property management company

You have built your property, and your sole purpose is to have it generate income for you. Most people end up frustrated when they don’t seem to get the returns they anticipated. You may want to ask why even very well furnished buildings fail to attract clients. Property management is all that makes the difference. A landlord’s responsibility is such a hectic one, and you may struggle to do it, especially if you’re on your first property. 

When you hire the right property manager for your property, you’ve more than someone whose work is to collect rent and answer a few maintenance calls. 

Here are things to consider when choosing a property manager.

The company must be up-to-date. 

These are not the days when you could make phone calls, and you’ve your clients well served. Or you send those cold emails expecting to get clients come your way. Things have changed, and people have gone to social media. When looking for a property manager, you must look for a company connected to the community. The company should have a vibrant digital platform so that your property is well exposed. 

How has the company faired in managing other properties

Check the company’s portfolio- do they have other properties they’re managing? If so, then what is the experience with those property owners? Are they complaining, or are they full of compliments? You need someone who goes beyond mere marketing and connects with the community making lasting relationships that convert. How do they charge their rent, and how does it compare with the market price?

Check out the company’s standard lease. 

Is the company up-to-date on the tenant law? As a property owner, does the lease meet all your concerns as a property owner? If the lease has errors, it may bring you problems, or it could be that they’re doing business illegally.

How many staff has the company employed?

A property management company that doesn’t have enough members of staff to attend to the clients adequately. You need to find out the ratio of staff to the tenants. You can’t have a single person managing over twenty tenants. It could mean they’re not getting quality services, and they may seek for alternative. The staff members should have management skills- that ensure the customer experience is excellent and thus high retention of tenants.

A business written proposal

The Serviced Accommodation Management company should be able to give you a written proposal on your engagement. Do not accept verbal agreements- they aren’t legally binding. The contract should outline the responsibilities and expectations of every party. Do not take short term contracts; someone may be out to make their cut and disappear after a few months and leave you helpless. The contract should be long-term, at least two years after which you can decide whether to renew or get another person.

Look out for a company that understands its responsibilities. They’re responsible for handling cash, handle maintenance requests. The proposal should contain their commission and the amount of money you expect for every unit. 


Sending money to U.S. requires trade-off between cost or convenience

TORONTO — Terry Ritchie, who splits his time between Calgary and Phoenix, Ariz., and his son, a WestJet pilot, often find themselves facing a dilemma: Should they pony up fees to transfer some money from their U.S. accounts to Canada, or be patient and use a slower, more complicated process that costs less.

“(Cross-border transfers) come up an awful lot,” says Ritchie, partner at Cardinal Point Capital Management Inc., which specializes in cross-border wealth management and financial planning.

For clients, common issues range from accepting payments for U.S. work contracts, sending money to relatives, or making payments on their snowbird properties.

Many people who choose to send money from their bank accounts to the U.S. don’t realize how the costs can add up, says Mahima Poddar, senior vice-president of strategy and digital banking at Equitable Bank.

“When we looked at international money transfers, that is one area where we found that there was quite a bit of mark-up — fees, lack of transparency, and other inconveniences. It takes multiple days to get to the money. In some cases, your only option is to go to a branch to set up a wire transfer which costs like $25,” Poddar says.

Ritchie says there are two general options when it comes to sending money to the U.S. that comes down to a trade-off between cost and convenience. The “retail” route offers fast, easy transfers through traditional banks, but can be a bit more expensive, while the “wholesale” route, where people can use a middleman service, is cheaper, but takes longer.

Canadian banks with U.S. affiliates — such as RBC Bank, N.A., TD Bank, N.A., and BMO Harris — usually allow Canadians to open accounts without U.S. addresses or social security numbers, says Ritchie. To do so, a Canadian will need to turn in an Internal Revenue Service Form, W-8BEN.

Sending money this way means you, the account holder, can access money more quickly and use online banking, says Ritchie, even if the exchange rates do take a bite. Having a U.S. account also means that relatives down south can send peer-to-peer e-transfers including common options like Venmo, PayPal’s Xoom or the banking app Zelle.’

To get a better deal on a larger sum, Ritchie instead suggests third parties like Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange Toronto or OFX. Some banks allow users to add intermediaries as bill payee in their online banking to facilitate transfers. These services can generally take longer unless the user pays extra for a wire service, Ritchie says.

EQ Bank, which uses an intermediary called TransferWise, doesn’t require the Canadian account holder to have a U.S. bank account. Poddar says it works like an e-transfer service, but the recipient can be in another country.

EQ Bank expanded its international money transfer services earlier this year after its research found that many people did not realize that — in addition to paying a fee for the transfer itself  — they were also paying for higher exchange rates, or that the recipient bank was taking a cut.

EQ is not the only bank trying to woo customers seeking international transfer options. TD Bank announced a new service, Visa Direct, at the end of 2019 to help Canadians move their money between their Canadian and U.S. accounts.

The role of banks is key since showing up with a large wad of cash on its own isn’t enough to get you through the door for many foreign exchange services, due to anti-money-laundering laws, Ritchie says. Anyone moving large sums of money should be prepared to provide extra information, such as a passport, as well as official bank account details, Ritchie says.

Unfortunately, the proliferation of international transfer services and apps also means consumers must be more discerning when it comes to picking a product.

Poddar encourages people to ask how much of their money will appear in the recipient bank account after all the fees and foreign exchange charges are added together.

“I think it really brings to life like how much of a cost difference there really is once you include the exchange rate impact,” says Poddar.