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ARD-Optics Offers Instrument Optics


The optical production of Ard-Optics is represented by a workshop with sites and equipment of national and foreign brands, which ensures the manufacture of mass and unique optics, ranging from blanks to complex configurations of products. Ard-Optics specializes in the manufacture of precision optical components using a variety of materials, including leucosapphire (Al2O3) and quartz glass.

The technological Level of Production

At present, the company manufactures a wide range of optical elements according to the drawings of designers of other organizations. The company manufactures protective screens, prisms, lenses, and many other products. The technical equipment of the enterprise allows the production of both large-sized optical elements and products of small dimensions up to 5 mm.

For the successful use of optical elements, the quality of the polished surface is of primary importance – flatness, minimum roughness, and the highest possible degree of processing purity. As a result of targeted actions, including investments of its funds, the company has significantly increased production capabilities in this area, using advanced computer technologies and modern interference control methods.

Quality Control

In the production process, constant step-by-step control is available at all technological stages for the timely exclusion and rejection of low-quality products. The park of factory equipment and machine tools is regularly updated to improve the quality of products and reduce the time loss during production.

Technical capabilities of our equipment

  • The workpiece diameter: 5-250 mm
  • Any surface finish: 1 class
  • Surface roughness: the grade is up to 2 Å
  • The average precision of the processed surface: 0.2
  • Linear dimensions tolerance: is estimated as± 0.01 mm
  • The estimated Angular tolerance: ± 0.5 arcsec
  • Parallelism tolerance: ± 1 arcsec
  • The spectral range of applied coatings: 360… 2000 nm.
  • Properties and applicability of leucosapphire

The use of optical elements made of leucosapphire has become increasingly important in recent years, which is explained by many unique properties of this material. Today no other optical material possesses such a combination of mechanical (extremely high strength), thermal (highest thermal stability), and optical (transparency from UV to IR spectral ranges) properties.

Leucosapphire is used for the manufacture of optical products operating under extreme conditions that is when exposed to high temperatures, pressures, mechanical stress, aggressive media, and radiation. For the successful use of optical elements, the quality of the polished surface is of primary importance (flatness, minimum roughness, and the highest possible degree of processing purity).

Ard-Optics Products

Spherical optics

We manufacture lenses with spherical and flat surfaces, flat-convex, biconcave and biconvex, flat-concave, and positive menisci.

Plane-parallel plates (windows)

They are used as protective screens, transmission optics, viewing glasses, and portholes.


Rectangular, rhombic, penta- and semi-pentaprism, Dove, Schmidt, Abbe, Pehan prisms, glued cubic. We produce non-standard prisms according to the customer’s drawings.

Fairings-caps (hemispheres, hyper-hemispheres)

Fairings (caps) of a semi- and hyperspherical shape are used to protect mechanisms and electro-optical devices in an aggressive environment, high atmospheric pressure due to the impact of an oncoming flow of liquid or gas, and mechanical loads. At the same time, the shape and materials used, while maintaining the required level of protection, allow ensuring the required level of transparency of the product.

Optical tubes (rods)

We make optical tubes (rods) to order.

Optical wedges

Optical wedges are used both as single lenses and as optical components. We make custom-made optical wedges.

Micro-optics (microlenses)

Microlenses are made of various materials of combined or cylindrical shape as optical components in laser surgery, microlenses of endoscopes, in microelectronics. We make custom-made micro-optics.

Optical blanks

Maximum product size (D = 400mm x 60mm)

YAG laser components

Precision optical windows for lasers

Sapphire windows for watches and mobile phones

We Offer Cooperation

In today’s world, lasers and optoelectronic technology play a huge role in the success of your business. Our company meets its customers halfway and is engaged in the production and sale of the highest-quality optics. Our products are very efficient in operation due to the advanced technologies of processing, grinding, and polishing.

Today, our company, founded in 2007 in Armenia, is a leading supplier of optical elements in the national and international markets. From us, you can order lenses, windows, prisms, cones, expanders, domes, tubes for various types of equipment, both in a single design and in a whole batch.

All our products are certified. The main customers of our company are research and production enterprises, manufacturers of control and measuring equipment, vacuum technology, optical instruments.

We accept orders for products from our catalog available in stock. Also, we manufacture products according to individual customer drawings, used in scientific, industrial, medical, and other fields. We will take into account your demands regarding spectral characteristics, overall dimensions, and the availability of coatings. Our experienced staff is ready to answer all your questions. Any consultation is free. Affordable prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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