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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Smart Cards


A smart card is a pocket-sized card that has fixed integrated circuits and it is also called as integrated circuit card (ICC). It has embedded data processing chip is typically made of plastic and some have pattern of metal contacts to electrically connect to the internal chip. Contact smart card looks like a credit card but is very different to that. These are used to store and process a lot of memory and information. It is a secure and time saving device that is able to access the information without computer or internet.

However, it has both the advantages as well as disadvantages.


Flexibility is the advantage of smart cards. Multiple types of information can be stored in these cards such as, ID, credit card, stored-value cash card and a vault of personal information that includes business or family contacts or medical history.

Cost and Availability

Producing smart card readers is expensive and are not available in all locations. These readers may have the compatibility issue as each smart card does not have the same brand.


Smart cards provide the huge advantage to business systems because of the portable and secure data storage. The data of smart cards can only be accessed through smart card operating system by those with proper access rights. Smart cards are individually encrypted and have built-in tamper resistance, so they are extremely difficult to be duplicated.

Thus, smart cards are secure to send and receive data in private manner. A pin is required to access the data so the information cannot be used illegally by any third party.

Data Integrity

Data integrity is achieved by electronic cryptography so the information in smart cards cannot be removed or erased accidently by any electrical or magnetic means.

Smart Card Uses

There are a lot of uses and benefits of smart cards. They help you to set a limit on your expenses, to customize customer loyalty programs and to access the information about health care.

By having the smart cards you do not to remember multiple usernames and passwords. It is an ID, credit card, stored-value cash card simultaneously at one time.

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