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A Guide to Protecting your Business Premises from Fire


If you run a UK based business, you will already be aware of the stringent laws regarding fire protection, and with fire prevention at the forefront, there are local fire alarm specialists who can ensure that your commercial premises conforms to UK requirements. Once you have located recommended fire alarm services in Bristol, they will send an expert to give you a free on-site assessment of your current fire protection level.

  • Fire Suppression Systems – Automatic sprinklers ensure that water is released where it is most needed, and in conjunction with smoke detectors, a tailored fire suppression system will protect your premises. Dry Risers are required for any building over 18 metres and they are fixed to the exterior walls and can deliver high volumes of water to the upper floors, which might one day be critical to save the building. Dry risers are easy to deploy, and all staff should be shown how they work, along with extinguisher training.
  • Fire Alarms – A fire alarm can be designed specifically for a structure, and with bespoke solutions, you can be sure that you are as protected as is possible, while conforming to the local authority requirements.
  • Free On-Site Evaluation – By using a local company, you can have a free assessment, where a fire prevention officer will inspect your business premises and evaluate the protection.

If you are about to start a business, or are unhappy about your current level of fire protection, an online search will lead you to a local expert, who can carry out a survey.

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