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3 Ways That Young Adults Can Benefit from Audio Transcription Services


Audio transcription isn’t just a service reserved for big companies and legal offices. Nowadays sees the need for young adults to be more efficient with their time in order to be able to create a good work life balance, get the most from their studies and gain a competitive edge over fellow colleagues or students.

Audio transcription is a great way to get ahead and offers young students, influencers, budding journalists and researchers the opportunity to focus on things that really matter whilst the laborious task of writing up notes or audio files is done for them!

Here are 3 ways that young adults can benefit from audio transcription services.

Be a Star Students

Being a student isn’t easy. Whether you are at college studying A levels or at university earning your degree – classes, lectures, talks, discussions and seminars are often part of daily life and can be extremely valuable for your work.

Instead of trying desperately to note down important details whilst attempting to still listen and pay full attention to what is being said in front of you – why not audio record the session and have the recording transcribed?

Doing this allows students to;

  • Concentrate fully on listening, interacting and participating
  • Focus on absorbing the information instead of taking notes
  • Have a full, precise and accurate account of everything that was said in exact detail
  • Benefit from improved comprehension
  • Be in the moment and fully enjoy the experience
  • Refer to the transcribed notes as often as they want to
  • Search for key words or terms to help easily track down important information

Audio transcription can also be used for students creating a dissertation, essay or assignment. By dictating what they want to write or say and having it transcribed, they not only save a significant amount of time but can produce high quality work in a much more efficient way.

Impress at Work

For young adults trying to impress at the office it’s important to be taken seriously and audio transcription can help them to ensure they never miss an important detail.

Having to take notes during client meetings, board meetings or conference calls can be extremely difficult and nerve wracking. If you miss a key detail or element of a conversation, then critical information could me missing and leave you looking incompetent.

By recording the audio at these times and having it transcribed to text files, you won’t miss a thing and when the boss asks for a written break down of what was said during that vital meeting your detailed document will be sure to impress!

Social Media

Being an influencer nowadays is seen as a career and something that a lot of young people take seriously either as their main focus or alongside another job or studying.

If you have the need for audio files, then it is well worth transcribing them over to text as audio files aren’t compatible with social media snippets. However, text and images are so transcribing will help influencers to get more social shares, resulting in more traffic.

For those that make videos – Research has shown that around 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound turned off. Assuming that this behaviour is likely mirrored across other social media platforms, having accurate transcripts to caption videos is a great way to increase engagement with your content.

Audio transcribing for your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube videos can;

  • Drastically improve your appearance in search results as your entire dialogue is turned into fully searchable text, rather than just a few chosen keywords
  • Greatly expands audience and increases views
  • Allows those hard of hearing to watch
  • Saves time typing up captions or subtitles yourself

So whether you’re an up and coming corporate star, a rising influencer or studying for your dream career – audio to text transcription is a great way to make your life easier without you needing to work harder.

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