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3 Services That Your Local Pallet Provider Can Give You In The UK


Pallets have been in use for a great number of years and for good reasons. They allow products to be moved around more quickly and pallets allow for better storage as well. Many items can be stacked, once they are on pallets, and companies save a lot of money by being able to utilise these.

However, due to their heavy and continued use pallets do get a lot of abuse and after a while, getting hit by forklifts and generally being thrown around means that they get damaged. They are probably no longer any use and so have to be disposed of but it needs to be done with the environment in mind. There is a company that does recycling of low cost pallets in Staines and they offer the following services.

  1. They come and remove the unwanted pallets that you have and take them away. They incur the labour costs and the transport costs of moving them and take them to their depot for sorting.
  2. Once there they will spend time and resources, sorting through them in an effort to find pallets that can be given a new lease of life again. If they can be repaired, they are fixed and then put placed into stock to be used again.
  3. They initiate this recycling program in order to protect the environment and so this service is invaluable to their many customers. They also provide and meet your pallet needs and also take away the ones that can no longer be used.

For all your pallet needs, including recycling, give your local pallet company a call today.

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